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Recording the orchestral music of Barbara Harbach:

The London Philharmonic Orchestra under

conductor David Angus, in Cadogan Hall, London.

Photos by Benjamin Ealovega.


















Candlewood produces and engineers first recordings of

the music of Pierre de Manchicourt:

David Shuler conducts the Choir of St. Luke in the Fields,

at the fabled "Smoky Mary's"--the Church of St. Mary the Virgin,

in Times Square, New York City.

Thanks to Todd Frizzell for the photos!



























Above and below: baritone Krzysztof Biernacki and pianist Michael Baron

recording unpublished songs of Szymanowski with Candlewood at

Florida Gulf Coast University, Ft. Myers.












Trumpet soloist Paul Futer and pianist Susan Nowicki recording

with Candlewood at the fabled Troy Savings Bank Music Hall,

Troy, New York. Photos used by kind permission of

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Foundation.



Above and below: Candlewood at Vienna Presbyterian Church, Vienna, Virginia,

recording "Canciones Espanolas" with Metropolitan Opera soprano

Danielle Talamantes and pianist Henry Dehlinger.

Thanks to James for the excellent photos!

























Recording the Girls' Choir of Christ Church, Greenwich, CT,

Jamie Hitel, conductor, Philip Moore, guest composer/conductor.

Thanks to Joanne Bouknight for her great photos!














Candlewood engineer Robert LaPorta on location in Bedford, NY,

recording Charis Chamber Voices.





"As always, your work is stunning and most impressive. The recording is incredible--how do you get us to sound so good?--and the CD jacket looks beautiful! Many, many thanks for your artistry and tremendous professionalism, as always! "

Thea Kano, Artistic Director,
New York City Master Chorale


"The big question in brass-and-organ recordings is always about acoustics. They are very good here, with fine balance and natural sound. "

Barry Kilpatrick, American Record Guide
Music for Brass & Organ

Barbara Bruns

Thompson Brass Ensemblke

MSR Classics


"The crowd is so grateful for what you bring to the process and how you produce the final cd.  They have never had anything even near this quality and all are so thrilled.  Thanks for your fine work.  It all really requires the ears of a musician at the end of the day. "

Eric Dale Knapp
Music Director and Conductor
Connecticut Choral Society

New Jersey Choral Society


"You are the best at what you do ."

Irv Kratka
Founder and CEO, Music Minus One


"I thank you for a superb job of editing. It has been a pleasure to work with you."

Mark Kroll,
harpsichord soloist, Boston

"I just wanted to thank you for your spectacular work with us.  Your presence and professionalism made the work so much more rewarding and enjoyable!"

Dr. Min Kwon
concert pianistt


"Your entire CD is spectacular and your recording of my work is superb. Bravo..."

Morten Lauridsen


"... on the short list of the most beautiful recordings of Dvorak's chamber music for winds... Produced, engineered, edited, and mastered in utterly natural sound by Richard Price, this disc is as good as it gets in the woodwind world."

James Leonard

(Windscape/MSR Classics)


"I love it!  This is the best the Project has ever sounded. I don't know what you did to the master but it really works!"

Barry Lieberman
Artistic Director,

The American String Project


"It's a wonderful recording: thanks for a great job!"

Lowell Liebermann


David Korevaar plays Piano Music of Lowell  Liebermann - /MSR Classics

"Fosse CD's received.  Thanks so much. I am stunned by your quick processing and delivery! And, of course, by the amazing quality.!"

Virginia Lincoln

Chorus Manager

New Jersey Choral Society


"What magic you have worked with both recordings! You're a first-rate master of sound!"

Dan Locklair



"... let me say that it's a great pleasure to work with you.  Your patience, sharp ears, and musical sense are truly extraordinary, and I think the CD is going to be better than I could have imagined."

Edward Lundergan

Artistic Director

Kairos: A Consort of Voices


"Thank you for the awesome recording experience. I have told my friends that I have become a far better musician having worked with you. You are truly fantastic!"

Stella Markou

Director of Vocal Studies,

University of Missouri at St. Louis


" Richard Price of Candlewood Digital...did an outstanding job from start to finish and was a delight to work with. We cannot recommend him enough !"

Linda Marianiello
Flute Solois

Marianiello/Reas Duo


"the recording offers an excellent balance between the brass and organ... natural-sounding and a good listen."

Mel Martin, American Record Guide

(Barbara Bruns/Thompson Brass Ens.

Music For  Organ & Brass

MSR Classics)


" The CD sounds fabulous. Thanks for the fantastic editing... I don't know HOW you can hear all you do in that Messiaen... I just finished listening to it at my "coach" and top critic's house and she was blown away... it really sounds awesome!!!"

Greg McCallum
Concert Pianist


"Made in one of the finest American venues, the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Troy, New York, the recordings are superb. They project a generous soundstage in an acoustic with a reverberation that adds an appropriate lushness to these romantic scores, while keeping the instrumentalists well-focused. The piano is beautifully captured with an articulately percussive but well-rounded tone. It's ideally balanced against the strings, which come across as vibrantly silky.”
Bob McQuiston,
Classical Lost and Found

Giannini: Chamber Music

Manchester Music Festival

MSR Classics



" You have done some marvelous work nere...I just don't know how in the world you made the Casterede percussion parts come to the fore as you did! Just fantastic."

Barney McCollum
Bass trombonist

Stentorian Consort


" You've brought the sound of our CD into another hall - one that has more depth, balance and refinement - most incredible!  We are both thrilled with your work.  Pat and I could not have imagined a better final product! "

Kathy McDonald
Pasquale Bianculli

McDonald-Bialnculli Flute & Guitar Duo


"The music is played with taste and warmth by this female trio, and the gradual changes of style contribute to a program that is beautifully organized and gives us a lot to think about. It is recorded with fine clarity and balance "

D. Moore

American Record Guide

Discovering the Classical String Trio

The Vivaldi Project

MSR Classics


"...(the) sound is exemplary."

Bryce Morrison


Alberto Reyes plays Chopin,

VAI Records


"Finally, this is one beautiful sounding album... engineered by Richard Price and Wayne Hileman, it is a splendid example of Candlewood Digital’s Natural Presence Recording."

Dr. Phil Muse
Atlanta Audio Society

(Sarah Rose Taylor/Nigel Potts/

Elgar & Wagner/MSR Classics))


"There are actually two recitals here. Tracks 1-5 were recorded on the Fisk organ of the Downtown Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY, Tracks 6-11 on the Schlicker organ of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lyons, NY. .... First-rate balance engineering gives the impression of a single, cohesive program."

Dr. Phil Muse
Atlanta Audio Society

(Barbara Harbach/Bach Organ Works/MSR Classics)


" Supporting Arad’s artistry is the beautifully natural quality of the sound recording, which was made by producer-engineer Richard Price of Candlewood Digital. Interestingly, this was the same person who engineered the earlier recording of the Goldbergs by American pianist Ronald Hawkins, also released on the MSR label. The sound quality is so fine in both instances that it brings out the distinctive character of the instruments used, a Schimmel for Hawkins and a Steinway for Arad. "

Dr. Phil Muse
Atlanta Audio Society

(Avner Arad/Bach/MSR Classics)


"Thank you very much for your wonderful work these last 2 days.  Without your kind words, encouragement and sharp ears, we could not have finished the recording. It was a pleasure to work with you...Thank you for recording me so beautifully!"

Makoto Nakura
Marimba Soloist

"David Shuler and his choristers deliver performances of outstanding clarity and precision, dynamics and balance are handled with effortless ease, and the expressive  and dramatic elements are so vibrantly portrayed they will certainly keep the listener's ears ringing. Immaculate sound quality and informative annotations complete a distinguished addition to this composer's still rather lean discography."

Music & Vision

Music of Pierre de Manchicourt

Choir of St.Luke/David Shuler

MSR Classics


"This is an adventurous undertaking, superbly performed and sumptuously annotated and recorded.”

Music & Vision

David Korevaar

Music of Lowell Liebermann

MSR Classics


"Barbara Harbach puts forth this program with authority, subtlety, and in a great variety of voicings which few organists can conceive, let alone manifest at the console."

Organ Historical Society
Bach:Organ Music/Barbara Harbach

MSR CLassics


"(The) sound is perfect: clear, precise, warm..."

Paul Orgel
Classical Voice of New England


"The CD sounds great! You did an amazing job. The final product is ideal for our goal!"

Roberto Perino


" The recording is a well done, digitally remastered version of an earlier recording. Throughout there is a fine quality of sound which is warm and reverberant, but without losing definition or clarity in articulation. "

Bach:Organ Music/Barbara Harbach

MSR CLassics

MSR Classics

"Thanks so much for the beautifully engineered and produced CD of our recent Lyric Chamber Music Society concert. It's not only wonderful to listen to, but it's beautiful to look at as well."

Michael Parloff, Principal Flute,
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"Just wanted to tell you that I’ve followed the whole CD through now ... It really is wonderful – a great sound. You have done superb work on both balancing and editing...Many thanks for your continued fine musicianship and skill in this whole project."

Nigel Potts
Organist and Choirmaster

Christ & St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

New York City

The Angel's Dream ( MSR Classics)


" Thank you for making my first recording a fabulous experience!...(You are a) sound magician!."

Daria Rabotkina
concert pianist


"The master sounds fantastic.  I was stunned when I heard it. The definition of the instruments is spectacular, the strings sounds much better. Everything sounds wonderful."

Robert Raines


"A must for all early music buffs...a top notch recording."

Bruce Reader
The Classical Reviewe

Works of DeManchicourt

Choir os St.Luke in the Fields/Shuler

( MSR Classics)


"I just listened to the CD, which arrived today and I am ecstatic. I can't imagine a better show. The sound is so good.."

Paul Reale


" The recording quality handles the combination of string instrument and organ with such balance and clarity that it makes you woder why more composers don’t try this interesting genre."

Records International

Music of Karl Holler/Barbara Harbach

MSR Classics


" I just finished listening to the final edit. It's sensational! This recording has taught me how to listen to records. The sound you have captured is so perfect and life-like that I'm able to return to the exact space where I was, and find myself reacting in exactly the same way I was reacting to the real sound, as I was playing in the Academy. So every interpretive decision and dynamic nuance sounds exactly as I conceived it right then and there, and that's what I hear again as I reproduce it ... I know of no better piano sound on a record!.. You are truly a master! The sound is absolutely ravishing."

Alberto Reyes
Piano soloist

Tchaikovsky & Leventritt Laureate


" A very fine disc with some wonderful music...the London Philharmonic plays with passion and energy in a wonderfully resonant recording."

Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition
Barbara Harbach: Orchestral Music London Philharmonic/Angus



" David Korevaar measures this music as only an insider can, providing sumptuous performances in outstanding, gracious sound ."

Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition
David Korevaar

Piano music of Lowell Liebermann, Vol. 3



"Biernacki wraps his pulsating baritone around Szymanowski's urgentl expressivity to keen dramatic effect... he treats each language with purpose and intensity. Baron is an exemplary partner, providing a fine sense of sweep and balances that allow voice and piano to interact as ardent conversationalists."

Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone
Szymanowski: In the MIsts

Krzysztof Biernacki/Michael Baron

MSR Classics

"It sounds marvelous! Really too good to be true. Do we sound that good or come on...what did you do??!"

Mary Rowell, violinist
ETHEL String Quartet


"The cinematic nature of the symphonies receives lavish treatment by Angus and the London Philharmonic, who illuminate every detail in these carefully crafted scores. Harbach's music could hardly be better served."

Donald Rosemberg

Harbach: Symphonies 7-10

MSR Cassics


"As always, you did an amazing job. Someday, I would like to learn to play the horn as well as you make me sound!"

Eric Ruske, horn soloist,
former member Empire Brass


"..(Korevaar's performance is) the best I’ve ever heard. … The CD’s sound engineering is excellent."

Dave Saemann

Fanfare Magazine

David Korevaar plays Chopin

MSR Classics


"We always look forward to our recordings sessions with you. As much as it is hard work you make it very easy and fun!"

Julia Sakharova
Arianna String Quartet


"It was thrilling to hear the edits of our latest project--it was your patient efforts and calm encouragement that gave us the freedom to express what we felt in the music--and your uncanny ears and expertise to put it together. Bravo, again and again!! You really captured it!"

Zina Schiff
Concert Violinist


"Thank you for the remarkable job you did recording Phil and me. I'm astonished at how well you integrated my voice with Phil's music. You managed to bring both elements to the fore without making it seem too busy or conflicted. It's really something--better than I could have imagined. "

J.D. Scrimgeour, poet


"We are absolutely thrilled with the results of Daria's debut CD, due in no small part to your magical skills in the recording process."

Stephen D. Shaiman

Senoir Vice President

Concert Artists Guild

New York City
(Daria Rabotkina debut/CAG Records)

"Besides the exemplary work on the recordings, you really go above and beyond in trying to make the concerts a success. I would have been in deep trouble without your help."

Mark Singer, former Managing Director,
Lyric Chamber Music Society
of New York

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